I am a homeschooling mama to my 5 children ( 4 biological sons and an adopted daughter) and have been married to my husband for 20 years! Working as a NICU nurse for more than 10 years taught me how to give compassionate and supportive care to families and babies of all ages and stages. I have been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for more than 12 years and have served as a nurse and lactation consultant in the NICU & post partum units at a local hospital as well as home, clinic, and virtual support via my private practice.

My extensive experience with lactation consulting gives me the knowledge to support you and your baby no matter what you’re facing! My nursing journey with my 4 sons encompassed more than 8 years of breastfeeding and gave me personal experience with obstacles like lip and tongue tie, plugged ducts, mastitis, nipple blebs, allergies, and more.

Leading a pregnancy/birthing support group for many years taught me the importance of birthing practices on breastfeeding. My passion is to help mommas achieve their breastfeeding goals. Reach out to me for help and support!



Rachel is amazing! As a new mama with a baby with a tied tongue and tied lip breast and bottle feeding has been very challenging and frustrating for everyone. Rachel came out to our home and spent 2 hours with us working with myself and baby on proper pumping techniques, breast and bottle feeding techniques, and preventative measures for breast engorgement. Rachel even provided us with needed supplies and tools for feeding and pumping that made such a difference! Her follow up plan was packed full with advice, suggestions, referrals to recommended specialist, and videos. She was professional and personal. She made me feel very comfortable and safe to ask questions and show my vulnerability as a new mama. My child also showed trust in her and was very calm and relaxed with Rachel (which isn’t always the case for her). I highly recommend Rachel and lactation consulting. I myself didn’t want to do so in the beginning and thought I would just figure things out on my own, but after Rachel came out I realized how much help I truly needed and how helpful it was! Baby and I have had 3 successful breastfeeding sessions in the 2 days following our consultation!

Ashley Josselyn

Englewood OH


Rachel has helped me and Harrison’s breastfeeding journey more than I could even describe. She helped us figure out that he had a tongue and lip tie and recommended an awesome dentist that did a little surgery on our boy to release both ties. I haven’t used a nipple shield in almost a week after 8 weeks of him not latching without it. He went from not gaining hardly any weight to gaining about an ounce per day. Her services are most likely covered by your insurance & she can do appointments at your house, in office, or virtually! The only issue left is my supply being so up and down but I’m hoping that being attached to the pump all day every day it will stay up!

I will forever recommend Rachel’s Lactation Consulting!  🙌🏻 🤱🏻

Raini Highley

Piqua OH


As I prepare for birth and the care required during fourth trimester, Rachel has been an encouragement, support, and resource. She answered my questions graciously, knowledgeably, and professionally and reassured me in areas I felt inadequate. I am thankful to have Rachel as part of my care team as I prepare and welcome my first child and strongly recommend her as someone who will support, educate, and encourage.

Johnna Hansher

Fairborn OH


I am so thankful that my midwife recommended Rachel to me. This is my third nursling (with tongue/lip ties) and I am an RN with experience in lactation. My son had a tongue/lip tie release around 12 days. A couple weeks later I began experiencing pain when latching, damaged nipples, clogged ducts and mastitis. Rachel was prompt to set up an appointment and eager to help us meet our breastfeeding goals. She recommended we consider a second revision as there was partial reattachment. Rachel taught us exercises to do before and after revision to help build muscle strength. She also recommended we see a chiropractor. Rachel gave us several recommendations and options and provided us with true informed consent. After experiencing a clogged duct every single week along with nipple damage and a painful latch, we decided to take our son for a second revision. This was more stressful as he was a couple months older. He went on a nursing strike for a few days and I began pumping to protect supply. Thankfully, Rachel had fitted me for the correct flange size during her previous visit. Rachel provided advice via email and we decided to set up a second appointment for another weighted feed and latch support. Rachel is thorough, caring, and truly cares about her clients meeting their breastfeeding goals. She’s passionate about providing true support! So thankful for her! I also really appreciate that she can provide a home visit, works with insurance, and that our visits were completely covered with no out of pocket costs for us. However, I would have happily paid her cash fee if needed. If you’re experiencing any breastfeeding issues please reach out to Rachel. Her services would also be the perfect post partum gift!

Lisa R Pasuit

Ludlow Falls OH


Rachel was such a huge help with helping me meet my goals for breastfeeding. I am able to efficiently breastfeed on my own now without support. I am very thankful for my appointment & information I learned!

Chelsi Bell

New Madison OH


Rachel is amazing at what she does! She has given me tons of information, helped me form a plan of action, and supported me with the changes! She made me feel good about myself and was so incredibly caring and easy to talk to. I am so thankful so have her on my team as I try to get my breastfeeding journey back on track.

Logan R

Springfield OH


I would highly recommend seeing Rachel for lactation consulting! I had my first initial appointment with her at 37 weeks pregnant & got SO much valuable information & education I would not have had otherwise. As a first time mom, these resources & support are helping me feel confident walking into whatever our breastfeeding journey will look like when baby arrives!

Rachel M.

Covington OH


I am so glad I reached out to Rachel! This is my 4th baby and 4th time breastfeeding but I still gained so much valuable information and insight from Rachel. She helped guide me thru a tongue and lip tie and revision on my little guy, provided a very thorough care plan, followed up often and remains open for questions. The experience was much more personal and useful than I’ve ever had from a hospital based lactation consultant. I would highly recommend utilizing Rachel’s knowledge and abilities to all new and soon to be moms.

Holly Coby

Vandalia OH

Tab G.

From the minute I latched my sweet new baby, I knew something wasn’t right. There was a lot of pain from the very beginning. I received Rachel’s name both from my chiropractor and from my midwife. I scheduled an appointment with her for two days after the birth of my baby. She was at my home for a few hours assessing every single thing regarding our nursing journey. She was extremely kind and professional. She made a determination about our problem and gave me an extensive care plan. She showed me physically what to do and allowed me to video her doing it so that I could refer back. I never once felt rushed or silly. Every concern I expressed was validated and addressed. Rachel determined our baby had a tongue tie. After we released the tie, we had even more difficulties. Rachel was on vacation yet she still answered every text very promptly. She even offered to do a follow up virtually which I accepted. The follow up was just what I needed not only in physical care but also in emotional support. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to help myself and my little one get our journey back on track.


Tab G

Brookville OH


Rachel was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and she was also very kind and non-judgmental. We were able to figure out the problems, and she gave me lots of options to address and solve those problems. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Jillian Potter-Bonsell

Springfield OH


Rachel was so wonderful! As a first time mom, I was lacking in knowledge of breastfeeding, latches, etc! She came to my house (which I loved) and explained everything thoroughly and sufficiently! By the end of it, I couldn’t think of any questions. In my opinion I think it is one of the best things you can invest into prenatally for you and your coming baby! I feel much better prepared and have information to look back over if I forget. She even gave me pump recommendations, things to do/say in the hospital, breast creams and so much more. She was very attentive and sweet to deal with.

Alia Stroud

Saint Paris OH


I am so happy with the care I received from Rachel. Though I have a lot of experience with nursing my other children, my fourth baby and I were having a few issues that were worrisome to me. I wanted to ensure the success of our breastfeeding relationship so I reached out to Rachel. She joined me in the comfort of my own home and helped troubleshoot the issues my baby and I were having due to his oral ties. I learned so much in our time together and am very grateful for the follow-up care Rachel offered – a personalized care plan and a private messaging system for any issues. She had so many tips and tricks to offer during our session, and provided additional help and references in the days that followed. My baby and I are on the right track now after being in her care. I will not hesitate to reach back out to her if any feeding issues come up in the future, and I will continue to highly recommend her to my postpartum clients. Thank you, Rachel!

Erin Orians

Tipp City OH


Rachel was amazing, she made me feel at ease, helped with all my concerns and even continued to follow up with me after my appointment. I was on the verge of giving up on breastfeeding when I went to see Rachel and she encouraged me and really made me feel like I could do this! I would absolutely recommend anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding to go see Rachel!

Brandi Yaqub

Piqua OH


Rachel has been amazing! She has answered all of my questions- even when it was “after hours”. She is very knowledgeable and empowering. Rachel never judges any of my choices, and supports me with my goals. She also has taken wonderful care of my baby! I feel comfortable with her holding my baby and caring for her while I’m preoccupied practicing the new skill of breastfeeding or pumping. I am very thankful I found her, and I highly recommend.

Michelle Daugherty

Moraine OH


Rachel was so helpful and was able to understand my goals easily. She created a plan to help me increase my supply and keep my baby happy!

Lauren V

Vandalia, OH


I was struggling for a couple weeks after my baby’s tongue tie release and was not seeing improvement along with my baby refused a bottle. Then we found Rachel through the grape vine, and she has been a life saver. After our first visit, she gave us so many helpful tips to get our baby sucking correctly along with the right type of bottle to allow him to take it. She was so thorough, patient, kind and encouraging. She never once spoke down to us, but always used encouragement and reassurance that we were doing great for our baby. After 2 weeks we had a follow up and saw significant improvement! He was finally getting better at the boob and by then was taking 2-3 bottles a day! Rachel has SO much knowledge and skill in this area. I will continue working with her through all my breastfeeding journey needs. She is completely non-judgmental in your decisions and just wants to help you achieve your goals and wants through this journey.

Halley Mayse

Troy OH


Rachel came alongside us and provided compassionate and effective care when we really needed her. She gave us a thorough plan of action and so much helpful information. We are so grateful and highly recommend her services!

Gwen B.

Covington OH


I’ve met with Rachel for both of my sons’ feeding needs and I love her! She’s knowledgeable, but also personable – and that’s so important to me. Breastfeeding can be so intimate and intimidating and I felt very comfortable and confident with her. She was thorough in her assessment of feeding my 5 day old as well as answering all of my questions about pumping! Everything is going great and I’m so thankful to have met with her twice!

Sarah Taylor

Huber Heights OH


Rachel provided amazing support for my daughter and I at a time when I felt very in need of direction and confidence with breastfeeding and the other issues my daughter was having. She worked us in very quickly and I am so thankful we were able to see her! Highly recommend for any mama!

Lisa Bowman

Covington, OH


Rachel is amazing and her input really helped me with pumping issues. I appreciate her help and her kindness. Thank you!


Beavercreek, OH


Rachel has been so amazing to work with as I begin my breastfeeding journey with my son. We spent two hours together working on effective latching technique, sizing flanges for pumping, creating a nursing/pumping plan for my specific needs, assessing my son for any lip or tongue ties, selecting an appropriate bottle for feeding, and more! Our appointment truly involved everything I didn’t even know I needed help with! I now feel so much more confident on this journey with my son. Rachel listened and made us feel heard and comfortable throughout our entire appointment. I love that as I have questions or concerns, I can continue to reach out to her for help. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is on the breastfeeding journey!!

Kara Dale

Brookville OH


Rachel is amazing! Because of her, I’ve been able to breastfeed my baby. She helped me in seconds! Rachel has also been the best support. She will help you along the way and is so knowledgeable about breastfeeding and babies. I’m so grateful I made the appointment to meet with her. It’s exactly what I needed to help me and my baby conquer breastfeeding!

Gentry Holcomb

West Alexandria OH


Rachel has been so helpful in my breastfeeding journey! She answers all my questions, and makes me feel at ease! She truly cares about you and the baby!

Mollie Mullen

Saint Paris, OH


Rachel is a life saver. I may have given up on my breast feeding journey without her. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, but kind and caring. She takes the time to fully understand your concerns and addresses every single one in a clear and loving way. If you have any concerns whatsoever with breast feeding, I cannot recommend Rachel enough.

Allison Ford

Dayton OH


I can’t say enough about the amazing Rachel Baggett! She was so helpful to me when nursing my babies. As a midwife, people ask for my help with breastfeeding all the time, but after just giving birth I felt like I didn’t know anything. Rachel has so much knowledge to share with a gentle confidence that mama knows best! I love that she really listens to new moms and helps them do the next right thing for the mother baby unit! As a wonderful bonus, she is a nurse that has worked with hundreds of babies and with that experience she brings a beautiful balance to her work. I am so glad she is doing this work!

Devon H

Dayton OH


Rachel is very educated in her field. She listens and observes very effectively and can easily point out areas to work on for you and your baby. She understood and respected all concerns. The length of the appointment was appropriate & productive. Rachel was kind, gentle with my baby & easy to communicate with. Follow-up communication has been great!

Patricia S.

Miamisburg OH


I was connected with Rachel via The Lactation Network and I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience. My baby was having extreme fussiness, grassiness, spit up, and was just overall uncomfortable. I had already cut dairy and soy from my diet and she was put on reflux medication and I was told several times it’s just reflux and colic. I couldn’t believe that, in my heart I knew there was something more going on with my baby girl. Rachel came in and was so kind and helpful and one look in my baby girl’s mouth and she told me she has a tongue tie and a lip tie. I cried tears of joy and relief. I had spent 3 months feeling like I was failing my baby because I couldn’t fix her and I was not convinced it was just reflux and colic we were dealing with. To have someone confirm what I knew in my heart just flooded me with emotions. Rachel was extremely compassionate and helpful and thorough with all of her explanations. She provided me with excellent resources on my care plan as well. I will absolutely recommend her to any mom’s and I look forward to finishing my follow up care with her!

Chrissy Heilman

New Carlisle OH


Rachel has made a huge difference in our breastfeeding journey! From our prenatal visit, she gave me things to do to ensure success from the start. Despite a c section and a stressful birth, my milk came in so much faster than with my last birth after following her care plan. When our baby had an unexpected nicu stay and most of our plans went straight out the window, she was able to help me get him what he needed even if it had to go through a feeding tube at first. She also helped me advocate for what I knew was right as the parent. Lastly she caught some oral restrictions that no one else could find and after having these revised, he nurses like a champ now! So appreciative for Rachel’s help.

Leah L

Beavercreek, OH


First off, getting a hold of Rachel to begin with was extremely easy. One simple email, and she responded in a very timely manner. From there, she asked questions to see if what I was looking for and having questions on was something that she could help with. When it was determined that she could help us, we set up a date and time, she sent us emails regarding what we could expect from the session, and answered any questions that I may have had. When Rachel arrived, she was on time, very friendly, very knowledgeable and informative, and extremely respectful. She was respectful of our home and space, of our dog whom we had to move around to allow her in different areas of the house, of ourselves, and of our child. She explained everything along the way, answering the questions that we had, in a very kind and informative manner. Once the session was completed, she reminded us of our care plan that she was going to send us, filled with information, recommendations, links to any sites that she had mentioned, and more. And of course, she let us know that we were able to contact her at any time with any questions or concerns that we may have, and that we were able to set up further appointments should we need to do so. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a lactation consultant. She has been nothing but friendly, informative, respectful, and helpful to us in our breastfeeding journey with our son.

Niccole Faul

Piqua, OH


Rachel was amazing. She listened so well to my concerns and she made me feel cared for and heard. I really appreciate the time she took to help me understand a proper latch and make sure my daughter and I were able to accomplish one. She was able to come up with a care plan for us in no time. Rachel is very knowledgeable and patient and I will continue to recommend her services to those in need of an IBCLC.

Megan Ivery

Dayton OH


Rachel is truly exceptional! We are first time parents and needed some extra help when we realized I had a low milk supply. She was able to get us scheduled quickly and was full of knowledge to help us get our baby back on track for gaining weight. She is always professional and arrives on time. She has a wealth of knowledge about breast feeding and babies in general. Her expertise allowed our baby to gain more weight than expected within just a few days and gave us the confidence that we could continue my breast feeding journey. We highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is breast feeding!!

Mariah Barrett

Dayton, OH


Rachel gave me the confidence and tools to get myself and my 5 month old son back in the groove after a rough patch of nursing that we unexpectedly hit after months of smooth sailing.

Theresa F.

Springboro Ohio

G. Mills

Rachel was very thorough and kind in helping me and my 4 month old baby. She was very encouraging and made me feel worthwhile as a breastfeeding mother. As breastfeeding moms know, we tend to question ourselves, our ability to produce enough milk and adequately provide for our babies. In some ways, I felt like my appointment was almost therapeutic. Many questions were answered and a care plan was created, but most importantly I felt supported.

G. Mills

Piqua, OH


Rachel has been my go-to for breastfeeding help with many of my babies. I’m so thankful for her friendship and quality professional help. 



Rachel is THE BEST! After three babies I didn’t think I’d need a lactation consultant but Rachel was willing to come and spend time with me and Olivia to make sure we were both adjusting fine. She recommended a great Chiropractor who in turn found tie issues that were hindering Olivia’s feeding. She is professional, caring and wants to help mom and baby be successful in nursing.  Love her!



Honestly, Breastfeeding can be really hard and painful, especially without the right support. Clogged ducts, chapped nipples, etc… It can be rough. In the first couple weeks after having Teo, I would get discouraged and feel anxious about feeding him because I was in pain. Rachel was amazing and was able to help adjust some things virtually (pandemic baby) to help Teo have a much better and more comfortable latch. It helped me be more confident and in significantly less pain!

Anna Baston


Rachel has been a trusted referral resource that I’ve utilized for my patients and friends for years…and then I needed her myself with my third baby. I found her professional, caring, and knowledgeable, and her advice was invaluable. My personal experience with Rachel as an IBCLC deepened my confidence in her skill and expertise. I will continue referring my patients to her.

Annie Thompson DC, CCN, Doula


Troy, OH


Rachel has helped me now numerous times when I was in desperate need with breastfeeding my little ones. Being able to speak with her over the phone about the difficult time I was having with my baby’s latch was oh so needed! She provided me advice on different nursing positions, introduced nipple shields, and creams to try. I honestly think if I wouldn’t have reached out to her, continuing to breastfeed would have been such a struggle since I was already in tears from the pain. She also provided me the resources I needed to have Titans mouth checked out for ties. Something I never would have thought of. He ended up having level 3 and 4 tongue and lip ties which since have been removed. Because of her knowledge and point contacts she provided me with, I am now nursing with absolutely no issues, no pain, and Titan’s ties were identified and taken care of!! Thank you Rachel for ALL of your help


Dayton, OH


My breastfeeding journey started off in a negative and stressful direction in the hospital. There were lots of tears and I felt like I was failing. My call to Rachel was the best thing I could have done for myself and my baby! She made us her number one priority and helped us get back on the road to a successful breastfeeding journey! Rachel’s knowledge and experience, along with her encouraging spirit, are truly priceless. I could not be more grateful!


Dayton, OH


Rachel is wonderful! She is gentle, loving, and full of great knowledge.  Has a genuine passion to help mothers achieve their goals of breastfeeding.  She has personally helped me several times and always very encouraging and checks in to see how things are going.


Vandalia, OH